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Thursday, 13 June 2013

6 Ways to Effortlessly Burn Body Fat

Imagine if there is a way to effortlessly burn fat now then that would definitely be dandy. Millions of people are suffering from obesity and being overweight. Obesity and being overweight has become a very serious health issue. If you are struggling to lose that excess weight here are some ideas to help you effortlessly burn the fat.

Take cold showers
One thing that has been forgotten at the turn of the 20th century is the use of cold showers to burn fat. Taking cold showers used to be one of the key health practices and has become part of culture. The idea behind taking cold showers is that the body is being forced to increase the internal temperature to compensate with the cold temperature of the water. The body burns calories which can be sourced through carbohydrates or the stored fat in the body. It is best to shower under cold water for at least 20 to 30 seconds. The cold shower could also activate the lymph system in the body and help flush out toxins in the process.

Do sun bathing
If you happen to live in a cold country, getting some sun shine would be a luxury. During the times that you are able to sample the heat of the sun then by all means do some sunbathing. It turns out that sun bathing is able to normalize insulin levels and even blood glucose levels. The vitamin D in the sun is able to work in the body by reducing the inflammation levels which in turn can result in insulin resistance. Better blood sugar levels mean that the body is able to burn the fuels effectively and prevent it from being stored by the body as fat.

Move some more
When you are idle it is best to move the body or to some constant motion. If you need to talk on the phone do it while making short walks around. It is best to ditch the elevator or the escalator when you need to go two floors up. It provides extra exercise that can help the body burn more fat at the same time do the things that you need to do. A sedentary lifestyle often leads to obesity. Mere walking instead of sitting all day can give you at least 350 burned calories each day. So when you are sitting around your desk all day try to do some desk-bound exercises that can also shake the stress and anxiety away.

Limit food before bed
Snacking before bed time is very common. However adding calories before sleeping would not do any good for people wanting to lose some fat. Since the body would be in a rest mode, the calories consumed before bed time will not go anywhere and would probably end up as stored fat. This will make you feeling tired even if you have adequate hours of sleep. The energy that you piled up is never consumed because you were on a rest state.

Get enough sleep
Getting enough sleep can be a challenge to some people. It is reported that 85 percent of people are not getting enough sleep or having sleeping problems. The amount of work we need to do have shoved sleep into the backburner of our priorities. Sleep allows the body to melt cortisol which is a stress hormone. The levels of stress and anxiety dissipate when we sleep. This will give you greater stamina to do more physical activities during the day and help burn more calories in the process.

Drink cold water
This idea shares the principle of the cold shower. If the body ingests cold water it needs to burn calories to compensate for the decrease in temperature. This means that the more cold water you drink the more calories are getting burned.

It is estimated by the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention that almost 70 percent of Americans are either overweight or obese. It is for this reason that there is an imperative need for people to maintain a healthy weight to avoid contracting chronic diseases associated with being obese or overweight.

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