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Thursday, 6 June 2013

Major Tips On Achieving The Objective Of Healthy And Slim Body

There was a time when people would idealize a body that was muscular and the person having such a body would be no less than a Hercules. However, as time progresses, trends change and people adapt to different or new habits. The new trend pertaining to bodybuilding is to have a trimmed and ripped body.

Major Tips On Achieving The Objective Of Healthy And Slim Body

In present times, people now aim for a slim body as a result of their workout efforts. Therefore, in order to not stray from the trend people look for ways in which they can get a trim body quickly. The lines below discuss the major ways of achieving this objective.

1. Healthy Meals:

If you wish to achieve a slim body, then going hungry is not the right way of approaching it. Rather you need to consume 3 to 4 healthy meals in a day so that you don’t feel hungry and overeat when at the table. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, therefore, doesn’t skip it in any case. Moreover, regular healthy meals also prevent your body from going into starvation mode, in which your body starts storing calories. Therefore, have healthy meals regularly.

2. Small Portions:

In order to achieve your goal of being slim, you need to eat less calories and one of the ways of doing so is using small portions. Eat in a salad plate instead of eating in a dinner plate. The ½ of your plate must comprise of fruits, while the rest of ½ must be divided among carbs and proteins.

3. Eat Slow:

According to research, if a person eats slowly, the overeating problem can effectively be resolved. As per the research, the human brain takes at least 20minutes to give the signal that your stomach is full and you should stop eating. Therefore, if you eat hurriedly, by the time when 20minutes pass you have already overeaten. On the contrary, if you eat slowly, when it’s about time and you have eaten the required calories, your brain will tell you to stop eating, thus you consume low calories.

4. Avoid Sugar:

The other thing that you need to avoid in order to achieve a slim and healthy body is to avoid sugar. You can avoid sugar at all or can reduce its use to a minimum. Satiate your sweet tooth with natural sweetener or fruits.

5. Green Tea:

Green tea holds great importance in energy drinks and foods. Besides providing you energy, it also helps you achieve slimness and stay slim. Green tea is full with antioxidants that help combat the effect of harmful free radicals and also keeps your metabolism at its peak so that it keeps on burning calories while you sit idle.

6. Regular Sleep:

The last important thing pertaining to achieving a slim body is having regular sleep. When you have regular sleep, your metabolism would stay normal and keep on functioning normally. Moreover, lack of sleep causes stress and in stress you tend to eat more, therefore, regular sleep ensures healthy eating to stay slim.


In a nutshell, in order to follow the trend of being slim and ripped, the aforementioned tips can help you in achieving your objective in an efficient and effective manner.

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