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Thursday, 6 June 2013

This Summer: Well Fed, Well Rested, Well-Build!

Getting fit has been the top priority for ladies when your clothes are rapidly losing weight in summer. And experts promise that being well rested, well fed, you will gain a good figure this summer. So here comes the question: what is well rested and well fed?

What’s the most effective, healthy and long-lasting method for losing weight - Developing a good living habit. Right diets in a moderate amount, suitable and effective together with adequate and high quality sleep, it’s hard for you to keep your fat. Don’t exaggerate the difficulty of keeping in shape: a little bit changes in your living habit will make a big difference, and you will know good figure is just handy.

Well Fed
This Summer: Well Fed, Well Rested, Well-Build!

“Eat less, exercise more” is the essence of losing weight. And healthy diets have two directions: dietary content and habit. As for dietary content, empty calories are the taboo while positive energy food is well welcomed whether for health or fitness.

Empty Calories

So what are empty calories? Namely it means the high-energy foods with little nutritional value. Empty calories typically represented by junk food, instant noodles and coke are infamous for their empty nutrition and high calories.

Boast their rich quantity of bad fat and sugar which is hard to be digested and absorbed by our body while accumulate in the blood vessel by the form of cholesterol and covering viscera by the form of fat. So in a summary: empty calories are helpless yet harmful to our health and fitness.

Positive Energy Food

Rich in the nutrition human body needs: starch, protein, minerals and vitamins, positive energy food can effectively assist our body function. Rice, vegetables, fruits, beans, fish and meat will are the outstanding representatives. Different from empty calories, calories of positive energy food are digestible and utilizable for our body.

Ice water and coffee are two natural enemies of keeping in shape. Ice water will lower your body temperature and reduce metabolic rate which facilitates the increase of fat. And caffeine acts as a diuretic, the urine will reduce your body temperature as ice water. So stay away from the ice water and coffee even in the hot summer if you covet for a hot figure.

Well Rested 

This Summer: Well Fed, Well Rested, Well-Build!
According to the study at a British university, those people who slept five hours every day has 15% more hunger hormones than eight-hour sleepers which naturally increase the possibility of obesity. And the close connection between sleep and endocrine system put sleep quality ahead when it comes to weight loss. How to improve the sleep quality?

*Avoid caffeine intake four hours before the sleep, but warm milk or trace amount of red wine can lull you to sleep.

*Don’t use the computer, cellphone or read books before bedtime. So take off your glasses, allow your eyes and brain to enjoy an easy time before sleep, you will be away from toss and turn.
*Sleep naked is highly recommended. Break free from the clothes, you will sleep tight.
See? Well build figure is not that unreachable, right?

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