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Friday, 5 July 2013

Change You Need To Adapt For Fast Weight Loss

The major problem with the people of today is that we want instant results that come with minimum efforts. Besides other walks of life, this approach holds good on the universal phenomenon of weight loss, where all of us are in search of some magic pill that sheds weights instantly.

Unfortunately, there is no magic pill that gives instant weight loss. Rather, the course of weight loss takes time and effort. Besides exercising to burn calories, there are other lifestyle changes that help pace up the weight loss. The lines below shed light on such changes.

1. Water:

If you aren’t a fan of plain water, then you better change your likings and start drinking water if you wish to lose weight. Water is one of the best natural supplement available to you that can help you reduce weight. Water helps detoxify your body of the waste and harmful toxins, as a result your metabolic rate improves thus you burn more fats. Therefore, increase your water intake if you wish to burn calories.

2. Drop Soda:

Regular soda or diet soda, you need to drop them strictly if you wish to succeed on course of weight loss. All kinds of soda give you sugar and fat resulting in an increased waist line. Therefore, if you wish to go slim then drop sodas of every type.

3. Fiber Intake:

The other thing you need to do to speedup weight loss process, is to increase you fiber intake. Fiber helps keep you feel full for longer, therefore, a meal full of fiber will help you avoid any overeating as you would do in ordinary cases. Therefore, fiber helps you reduce your calorie count which ultimately adds to a quick weight loss.

4. Vegetables:

Reducing calorie intake is one of the ways of losing weight. However, a healthy weight loss achieved by this method is the one that does not come at the cost of nutrition. Therefore, when you need to lower your calorie count without dropping nutrition, then vegetables are the foods you need to turn towards. Hence, to pace up weight loss you need to increase your vegetable intake.

5. Cut Down TV Hours:

You must be wondering that what does TV has to do with weight loss? As a matter of fact, TV does nothing directly to make you gain weight, rather it indirectly causes you to gain weight or abstain from losing it. When you are in front of TV, you want to have something to eat, and when you have something to eat, you indulge in what is called ‘unconscious eating’ where you eat without knowing how much you have eaten. Therefore, keep your food intake in check while sitting in front of TV, better if you cut down the hours.

6. Exercise:

To lose weight you have to exercise. There is no argument against this fact. However, among exercises you must chose cardio when thinking of losing weight, as it helps you burn more fats. Moreover, helping you perform intense cardio is one of the benefits of healthy energy drinks that neither let you go down in energy, nor make you gain weight. Therefore, have an energy drink and get on the treadmill and start shedding weight.


In short, if you wish to lose weight you will need to bring a variety of changes in your eating habits, in your lifestyle, the way you live and spend time. Weight loss must be an approach not just a regime that you follow for a few months.

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